Sci-fi ezine Tevun Krus has published my short story "On The Practice of Robot Urology."

Check it out here:

Wow! This weekend I completed the fist draft of a sci-fi trilogy I've been working on. I've worked on it over the past three years, so at the moment I am feeling quite satisfied with myself. But this is a temporary situation. Soon, the next phase will begin: editing. Yaaaaaaay!

I am so excited to tell everyone about this trilogy, but I'm keeping it under wraps until it's ready for the world.

Hi All, I'm running an experiment on Wattpad. During November I'm posting one chapter each day from my novel. So by the end of the month the whole book will be up. (I'll probably take it down in early December.) We're up to Chapter 2 now. Chapter 3 will go online tomorrow night:


The jack-o-lanterns are out in the front yard. I carved this one a few nights ago. This is the first time I've ever done this kind of pumpkin carving, and I've very happy with the results. I give you Ambassador Spock:


I've just updated my Facebook profile cover image. Also, I've set my profile to be publicy viewable, so that I can interact on Facebook with anybody who wants to hit the 'Follow' button there. Check it out:





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